• 07.06.2017

    Welcome to SCHS Vocal Arts! 

    Come make music and memories with us!!! 



    SCHS Vocal Arts is dedicated to providing a safe, fun, and artistic environment for every single student interested in sharing their voice and learning more about music. Studies show that involvement in high school music programs increases attendance, communication skills, math and reading skills, interpersonal skills, and confidence. Everyone is welcome regardless of experience or ability level. Sign up with your counselor today to become part of our amazing Vocal Arts family. 


    Don’t Miss Out!

    • Improve your voice
    • Learn to read music
    • Sing music from all genres and time periods
    • Make friends and family
    • Have a place you can call HOME in high school
    • Tour the USA (So far we’ve traveled to Seattle, NYC, Boston, Hawaii, Washington DC, etc)
    • Sing at festivals at local universities and high schools
    • Sing at theme parks like Knott’s and Disneyland
    • Social events like bonfires, game nights, ice cream, bowling, etc.
    • Increase your chances for scholarship money in college (they pay students to sing in choir even if they’re not music majors!)
    • Improve your success in musical theater products 


     Vocal Arts Handbook

    (Includes information about text reminders)


    We NEED Your Help!

    Interested in volunteering on the Triton Vocal Arts Board?
    Contact Mrs. Daniel or Rani Khetarpal.